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Easy ways to stop smoking

After using cigars for a long time, many people find it quite difficult to stop smoking. This results from addiction and lack of strong will power to desist from taking another cigar. Majority of smokers will start the habit as fun only to realize its negative effects when they are already into it and are addicted. It is at this point that they start seeking ideal ways to keep off the habit. Due to the popular belief that it’s difficult to stop smoking many will shy away from working out the necessary models hence remaining victims of their own making.
It is the subconscious mind which reminds a smoker that a puff is required. The subconscious mind has a strong control of the body’s involuntary activities. This means therefore that upon making the decision to stop smoking you are required to reprogram your mind that you are no longer a smoker. This can be done by repeatedly shouting to the brain the message until such a time that it sticks. This will with time reduce the craving for sm…

Common Stop Smoking Aids

Overcoming nicotine addiction is a slow process that requires commitment, focus and a strong sense of direction. There are many aids that can be used to help one completely overcome this habit. Here is a quick guide on common stop smoking aids that are in use.
Common Products
To begin with, there are a number of commonly found products that can act as effective stop smoking aids. This is because of their ability to help reduce the strong cravings for smoking that characteristic the first few weeks when one is under a programme that seeks to help stop smoking. Products such as baking soda, vitamin C and vinegar can help one stop smoking, when used over a long period of time. They work by helping to reduce the strong urge to smoke. This urge is a common phenomenon in all individuals who are under a quitting programme. For instance, using vinegar to clean the mouth helps to maintain a fresh feeling which; in the process; helps to overcome the urge of smoking again. On the other hand, takin…