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Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign

In the previous years, orthodontic treatment was carried out with the help of dental braces, which were not only unsightly, but they also severe discomfort and soft tissue trauma to the wearer. In fact, one of the major reasons patients avoided getting their teeth straightened with braces was due to the unaesthetic appearance of the braces as well as their tendency to cause tissue damage. What if you could get your teeth straightened, without causing any discomfort or disturbing your smile? Yes, this is possible. With the Invisalign aligners, which are transparent and barely visible, you get to keep your beautiful smile throughout the duration of the orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign?
Invisalign simply stands for invisible aligners, and refer to the orthodontic appliances just like the retainers, which are made of acrylic. Since they are made up of a transparent acrylic, they are barely visible to the observer, and are hence, superior in esthetics when compared with the dental b…

Best Tooth Whitening Dentist in Claremont, CA

Are you one of those people who are concerned about their stained teeth, and want them to be pearly white, just like the sparkling teeth of a baby? Then visiting your dentist for a tooth whitening procedure might be the answer to your problems. In this procedure, the dentist uses various safe, and fast acting bleaching agents to remove the stains that have developed on your teeth.
What is Tooth Whitening?
It is a cosmetic dental procedure, in which the dentist exposes your teeth to a bleaching agent, usually carbamide peroxide, which is able to detach the adherent tooth stains, and bring the back the natural white color of your teeth.
How Is It Done?
• Tooth Cleaning - Before moving onto the bleaching process, the dentist or the dental hygienist will first clean your teeth using an ultrasonic scaler. This is done to remove the thick layer of food and bacterial debris, known as the dental plaque, which has been deposited on the surface of the teeth. Removal of the dental plaque ensures tha…