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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Free Breast Implants

Women of all ages chose to undergo breast augmentation surgery for various reasons. Whatever your reason for choosing breast augmentation surgery, you should be fully informed of the choices available to you, the costs of the chosen technique and the benefits and risks of each option. One of the most important decisions to make is choosing the right implants for the breast augmentation surgery. There are a number of FDA approved implants available on the market; here we discuss the pros and cons of the different types of breast augmentation surgery.

Implant Material

Implants used for breast augmentation surgery can be divided into two broad categories based upon the fill material used. All implants are made from the same silicone shell, although a few manufacturers do use polyurethane. They can either be filled with a cohesive silicone gel or saline. Saline implants usually have a valve that is used for inflation after insertion.

The shell of saline implants used in breast augmentation surgery may be smooth or textured. Texturization reduces the chances of cohesiveness following and is therefore preferred in individuals that have an obvious risk of cohesiveness or capsulization. Saline implants tend to be less natural, firmer and slightly cheaper than silicone implants when used for breast augmentation surgery. However, leaky or ruptured saline implants are less likely to cause dangerous side effects as compared to leaky silicone implants. Since silicone implants are filled before insertion, they usually require a larger insertion than saline implants. Furthermore, silicone implants can only be placed through incisions in the fold of the breast. Saline implants can also be inserted through the navel area or via an incision in the armpit.

Shape of the Implant

Breast augmentation surgery implants are available in either a round or teardrop shape. Round implants result in more fuller breasts and more dramatic cleavage.  Teardrop implants appear more natural but are associated with a greater risk of shifting.  The shape of the implant chosen for the breast augmentation surgery will depend upon the end result expected.

Implant Size

There are different sizes of breast implants available for breast augmentation surgery. They are measured in cubic centimeters and the most appropriate size will depend upon the users anatomy, body shape, reasons for the breast augmentation surgery and expectations following the breast augmentation surgery. Since larger implants are often associated with a higher risk of complications and the need for correction surgery, it is advisable to select the smallest size of implant that will meet your requirements.

Location of the breast implant

The implant can be placed either above or below the chest muscle. Submuscular placement (below the chest muscle) is a more invasive procedure than the subglandular (above the chest muscle). While submuscular placement achieves a more natural look, the recovery times for this type of breast augmentation surgery is generally longer than subglandular placement.