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The Best Types of Braces for Customization
Let’s face it; no one looks forward to braces. We have come a long way from the large “metal mouth” stereotype of braces. Now there are many types of braces that provide people of all ages with options but specifically offer teenagers customization of their braces. Not all braces are treated equally when it comes to customization but James T Hutta of Westerville can assist his patients with the best types of braces that cater to customization.
Traditional Metal Braces
The most popular type of braces is metal braces. Metal braces treat all alignment issues, from minor to major, and treatment time is quicker. Metal braces come with a wide assortment of colors and designs. Teenagers can customize this type of braces the most and provides teens with another outlet to express their creativity and individualism. Traditional metal braces can be changed at every monthly orthodontic visit. Custom features include selecting the color of the brackets, arch…