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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Newport Beach Hair Salon Introduces Hair Painting “Balayage” - Ashtin Salon

Newport Beach, CA is one of the best places in America to keep up with the latest hair trends and fashion. Newport Beach hair salons like Ashtin Salon serving Newport Beach and Corona Del mar, CA keeps up with the latest trends for men and women.

If you are seeking a new hairstyle and or coloring, trends are continuously changing as quickly as popular movies red carpet runway grand openings come and go. Today, hair stylists and color artists must be me very creative and artistic, showcasing the flattering look for each client. If you are looking for a creative artistic hair coloring experience, consider if you prefer a bright, natural, fun, exotic, out of the box colors or multiple funky colors in your hair then, Balayage commonly known as hair painting styles may be what you are looking for. Ask our top shelf hair and color stylists at Ashtin Salon.

What is Balayage or Hand Painting for Hair?

Balayage refers more to a technique than a style. Balayage is the freehand painting technique applied to hair. Balayage hair coloring treatment will have your hair looking more natural than the standard method coloring treatments applied with foil caps leaving your hair with streaked highlights of the past.

If you want to keep up with coloring trends in order to give your hair that extra edge that will offer you a subtle casual or striking look to match your lifestyle and hair style, talk to our top shelf hair and color stylists about Balayage hand painting techniques at Ashtin Salon.

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