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Friday, January 9, 2015

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

Common causes of puffy eyes are generally nothing so serious. It’s just that the tissues and muscles around your eyes are not so strong and often get stressed due to some reasons, you get puffy eyes. Puffy eyes are manageable. You just have to give some rest to your eyes so that the muscles or tissues under your eyes get relaxed and then the swelling automatically reduces. Problems like dark circles or puffy eyes start with strenuous lifestyle. If you are not getting enough sleep, your eyes get suffered. Although the common reasons of puffy eyes should be very much clear by now, we have tried to represent the  factors in a best possible way so you can point out what exactly is responsible in your case.

Aging: We want to start with the very basic reason of puffy eyes or under eye bags. Like any other parts of your body, the eye muscles or tissue beneath the lower eyelid get loose with aging. The skin or ligament under your eye fails to hold the fat tight. As a result, the skin starts to sag and you notice under eye bags as a result. Although the situation is not completely repairable, you can take some advance precautionary measures to stop this situation from getting worse.

Emotional Distress: when you cry, you get puffy eyes. Of course you know that already, but, do you know what really causes  this situation? When you are emotionally distressed, your eye tissues and muscles can feel that pressure due to some special hormonal release. A sudden spike in the flow of blood in the veins surrounding your eye muscles causes under eye bags. Yes, swelling of tissues due to a rise in the blood pressure is very much common. So when you are crying a lot, you know you are going to get puffy eyes. But thankfully that’s just a very temporary problem.

Do You Like Salty Foods? Have you ever tried to know if your urge for salty foods is comparatively on the higher side than the others? If so, we can say it’s not a good symptom at all. Salt forces your body to reserve water. And increased water retention causes under eye bags. That’s because the weak eye muscles can’t hold the reserved water and start to sag. This could be another reason for why people get puffy eyes after they cry.

Sleepless Nights: Working late nights or working too much on the computer – both are highly potent for giving you puffy eyes. Restless nights put pressure on your eye muscles which is why they get inflamed and swell. Your eyes need rest. So, if you are in a kind of work that need you to be on the computer for long hours, take small breaks occasionally. Experts usually say to get your eyes off the computer in every 10 minutes.

Similarly, sleep is also very important. Lack of enough sleep is one of the major causes of under eye bags.

Allergies: Although some reasons for getting puffy are too generic, there could be a few medical conditions like allergic problem which can trigger this condition. In case you find out there are no such problem in your case, you can try a few home remedies to treat puffy eyes.

Dark Circles Under Eyes Men

Dark under eyes give us tired boring look. And every time we have to put on tons of makeup to hide them. But what will men do? They also get dark circles. They neither have the time nor the likeliness for the high end makeup products. So, what to do? They need to find a quick solution. By quick solution we mean they need something which they can follow without much hassles. Well, men have an advantage over women. They do love to exercise. And if you can do exercise daily, you will be able to manage this problem to a great extent.

Exercise is no miracle solution. It’s an aiding element that works on many different problems going on in your body. It can encourage your body’s own repairing functions and solve many health problems. With exercise in your daily schedule, you can get get over many critical health issues like hormonal imbalance. Yes, hormonal imbalance can also give dark under eye circles. Hypothyroidism is one of the medical causes of dark under eyes. However, the problem of hypothyroidism is quite uncommon with men. If you are not paying attention to our diet, it's time to take care of that part, too.

We can advise you a few natural ingredients that can be sued for better results. Turmeric has a powerful healing ability against dark circles. The medicinal properties of the herb will deep penetrate the thin layer of your skin and start actions. Eye skin is very thin and shows effect of any kind of health issues through dark circles. If your body is deprived of important vitamins, the eye skin might reflect that.  So, get in touch with a health supervisor to have an idea about the existing vitamin and hormone levels.

If you know there is nothing wrong with your body, the dark under eyes circle should be a reflection of your tired body and mind. Get lots of sleep buddy. It will help your body and mind get some rest and also relax the eye muscles. Don’t over-stress yourself. Because by doing so you are just increasing the chances of getting dark circles. Take enough rest and have foods rich in required nutrition. Believe us, you are going to get good results from that. If you really want to know about a good eye product, we can advise RevitaLume.

Revital Lume is very efficient in dealing with most common eye problems like eye puffiness and dark eye circles. It has got very powerful ingredients. The dark eye circles are basically a very small amount of blood leaking into the surrounding tissues. Although it happens in our body most of the times, it's easy to notice the reflection through the thin under eye skin. The combination of ingredients in RevitaLume includes an enzyme that can resolve the issue. The ingredients are powerful enough to handle all sorts of eye skin problems.

Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes

What you think can ruin your overall look? We can think of two factors – acne and dark circles. Oh hell, does that mean we have to apply dozens of make up products on our face to hide those black shades? We don’t believe that. We know you can get over this with required awareness and remedial measures. Although dark circles under eyes cream can deal with the problem to some extent, those are no permanent cure. We want you to know what cause dark circles under eyes so you can try to save your eye skin.

Believe us, no dark circles under eyes cream can do better than the natural cures. And to help the natural remedies work up to their best level, you have to take a few preventive measures. Know what can trigger the problem and try to stay away from them. Dark circles can be a reflection of a poor health condition or lack of nutrition. Any problem related to your health is first reflected through the eye skin. It’s because the eye skins are too delicate and get affected easily. You have to make sure you get a thorough check up done to identify if you are not missing something.

If you think there is something really serious which is provoking the condition, leave the matter to the experts. But apart from that, there are certain things which mostly give people this condition. In the absence of the required vitamins and minerals, the skins of the eye can lose its natural moisture. Lack of moisture can make the skin dry and lifeless. You would not want that. This is why we always suggest good homemade moisturizers which can make the skin smooth and healthy. In most cases, some internal hormone problems trigger the problem.

Although we do not favor the dark circles under eye cream much, if you think a serum or cream with powerful ingredients can make a difference to your dark circles, you won’t mind that. Usually a lack of sleep also give dark circles. However, just one sleepless night should not be the cause of the problem. Generally a very stressful time or continued sleepless nights are the strongest reasons for this problem.

We go through stressful times quite often these days. They are not avoidable all the time. You can however try to relax your mind. Sleep is very important for treating dark circles. The dark circles under eyes cream won’t be able to make much difference alone. Try to control the bad habits if you can’t resist them completely. By bad habit we mean drinking alcohol and smoking. If you are a regular smoker, know that you might have to reduce smoking to a great extent. Habits like smoking and drinking often can be one of the common causes of dark circles.

Also, start by changing your lifestyle. Do some exercises occasionally. Exercises improve blood circulation and helps in sound sleep. So, rather than getting addicted to a high range commercial dark circles under eyes cream, try all natural methods.

Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

We do talk a lot about eye cream. But, do we really know what an ideal eye cream for dark circles should be like? We got to be very careful about this part, mate. Sometimes eye creams can have a nasty effect on the eye skin of yours. And we really let that happen. Remember eye skins are the most delicate ones and can be very sensitive at times. You got to know what skin type you’ve got. You really don’t want to hurt the eye skin and make the situation worse. Go to a dermatologist and know your skin type through a small test. Don’t tell him you need a treatment for dark circles though. Not joking. Why spend so much on costly skin treatments when you can treat the problem right at your home with some inexpensive natural ingredients.

While you go to buy an eye cream for dark circles, take a look at the ingredients mentioned on the product level at first. We understand that knowing all the ingredients and their effect on the eye skin isn’t possible for you, so we have decided to make your work easier. Why not try something which uses skin friendly ingredients? Yup, a gel that uses aloe Vera extract or tea leaf extract could a good one. We mean anything that is more organic or based on herbal ingredients should be applied on the skin. The price may be a little on the higher side, but you will be on the safe side at the end. So chose wisely while you think about buying eye creams.

We’ve got something good for you. We mean something really good and safe for your eye skin. We call it Revita Lume. This product really blew our mind when we realized this is just awesome for keeping eye bags away and remove dark circles. Yeah, this product has used the best combination of ingredients and we can say that it is just perfect for refreshing the tiring eye skin. Listen, you need to pay attention what you are going to use for your sensitive eye skin. A small mistake can cost you a lot. You can’t rule out the importance of sticking to a healthy option.

A commercial eye cream for dark circles manufacturer won’t tell you about the probable unwanted consequences. And you can’t afford to do an experiment on yourself. So better know the product well before buy it. We can tell you about an eye serum called Revitalume. We won’t want to sound too partial. But what to do? We can’t stop ourselves from giving a right brief about the benefits of using the product.

Revita Lume is a very good eye cream for dark circles. Although you can see a lot of changes in the condition by typically changing your diet, stabilizing your thyroid hormone and reducing water retention and taking help from professionals for recovering from kidney diseases, you can use this product to moisturize and improve the skin condition. The ingredients and the vitamins deep penetrate the skin layers and address the skin discoloration. You have got cucumber extract, shea butter, green tea extract, retynil palmitate (vitamin A), vitamin E & C, chrysin and hesperidin methyl chalcone as ingredients of Revita Lume.