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How does Caffeine Effects On Your Brain And Body?

With our current economic climate, no job is ever safe. To succeed in your organization, you need to be focused, energetic and always have optimal mental performance. Many business professionals and entrepreneurs turn to coffee, sugary energy drinks, or multiple hour "energy shots" to keep their concentration maximized. These drinks all contain sugar and caffeine, which might give you a sudden surge of energy (and a couple hundred more calories), but it won't eradicate fatigue from happening in the first place. Caffeine may temporarily help you retain alertness, but when the effects wear off, you can be left more exhausted than before, with a headache as well. Here are five negative aspects of caffeine that are harmful to your health and can kill your productivity:

1) Caffeine Can Cause Insomnia: According to a clinical study by Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, caffeine use mimics insomnia in the human brain. Caffeine can cause REM sleep to shift to the early part …